You’re an innovator and a dreamer with the desire to create your own business. How and where you interact may influence your success and the City of Mesa wants to help you.


What Is LaunchPoint?

LaunchPoint, the Mesa Technology Accelerator is a place for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.  LaunchPoint offers emerging technology and other compatible enterprises an environment to cultivate growth.

Interested? Here's what we're about...

Entrepreneurs are the focus, bringing people and ideas together to spur creativity, grow jobs and strengthen Mesa’s economy. From consumer web and mobile applications to bio tech and green energy—and everything in between—you can grow your idea at LaunchPoint.


Ready? Here's what we've got.

Located in the heart of Downtown Mesa, LaunchPoint offers access to facility space, business assistance and guidance, networking and training opportunities, flexible fees, and connectivity to the Greater Phoenix entrepreneurial community to provide an environment to help fuel your business’ success.

LaunchPoint Events

Come join us for one of our LaunchPoint upcoming events. These are opportunities to meet and network with people in the startup space.

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Our Members

Our current list of member organizations. They are what makes LaunchPoint what it is.


'Converting waste plastics into higher-value chemical products.'

Website: https://www.ambercycleinc.com/

Avagate LLC

Avagate is not just about building a website or an app. It's about putting together a set of tools to accomplish your company's goals. They offer innovation as a service, helping your company plan and execute new strategies based on the latest tech trends.

Website: http://www.avagate.com/


Ultimate Parental Controls.  Easily manage all devices in your home and stop internet pornography.

Website: https://cleanrouter.com/

Pioneer Coaching

Improving Employee Performance and Communication.

Website: https://www.pioneercoaching.com/


Prenda helps kids learn computer programming by supporting "code clubs" at libraries and schools. The vision is for every young person to have the opportunity to learn to code for free, and in the process to develop rational thinking, perseverance, and other skills that will help them succeed. More info at www.prenda.co.

Website: http://prenda.co/

R2 Advanced Technologies

R2 Advanced Technologies works with innovative customers to deliver visual excellence through CAD designs and 3D animations. R2 Advanced Technologies is a Certified Content Partner of BILT Incorporated, allowing customers to feature their 3D assemblies as Intelligent Instructions on the BILT app. CAD designers and draftsmen of R2 AT collaborate using tools such as SAP Visual Enterprise, Inventor, and Solid Works to transform the consumer experience.

Website: https://www.r2advancedtechnologies.com/

Scientific Host

Advanced Computing Research & Solutions

Website: http://www.scientifichost.com/

Urbix Resources

Urbix Resources is an advanced stage graphite refiner who specializes in graphite powders, purified graphite, expanded graphite, graphene and various graphite based products. Urbix features one of the most environmentally conscious methods for graphite purification in the world, and leverages this technology to decrease costs and manufacturing time of critical raw materials used in Li-Ion batteries, steel, and composites.

Website: http://www.urbixresources.com/

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(480) 644-6958 • 245 W 2nd St, Mesa, AZ 85201

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